Rotary Filters

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BAS VACUUM ROTARY FILTERS have a high efficiency in the continuous separation of process solids and liquids, increasing the final product’s performance in many different applications, some of which include:

  • Recovery of sucrose in the sugar industry.
  • Recovery of solids in the brewing industry, processing of fruit pulp and milk products.
  • Extraction of products in the mining industry.
  • Industry of starches and extraction of sweeteners.
  • Lime and clarification processes.
  • Sludge drying in sewage treatment plants.
  • Recovery of chemicals.
  • Yeast factories.


Drum: Manufactured in AISI-304 stainless steel sheet and stainless steel inner tubes 304 SCH-10. The drum surfaces have high density polypropylene gratings, held by 304 stainless steel profiles, the fabrics are made of stainless steel 304, size 00, 0.013 “thick and 625 holes per inch.

Lubricator: Optional Four-point Manzel.

Transmission: It works with crown and Heavy-duty worm gear with parallel axel reducer, electric motor and variator of hydraulic speed or frequency drive (hydraulic motor optional).

Assembly head: Regularly constructed in 304 stainless steel, composed of a valve and a bridge plate for distribution of vacuum and vent areas. The wear plate is in bronze or self-lubricated nylon fiber.

Bottom: Sludge tank made of ASTM-A36 or 304 stainless steel (optional).

Stirrer: Pendulum type manufactured in tubes and profiles A-36 or stainless 304 (optional), with electric motor and reduction of parallel axes.

Scraper: Constructed in several sectors of equal size, manufactured in sheets A-36 or stainless 304 (optional) with rubber sheet and fixed in variable limit position.

Wash system: With 304 stainless steel or stainless steel tubing (optional) or 304 stainless steel, bronze or ceramic (optional) spray nozzles.

Repowering of filters

BAS INGENIERÍA SA Has a human team specialized in repowering of this type of filters, improving its capacity and efficiency. BAS INGENIERÍA S.A. Provides the necessary drawings and engineering to carry out the assembly locally, always trying to take advantage of parts of the original filter.

Parts of the Filters:

  • Replacement drums.
  • Polypropylene grilles.
  • Valves or heads.
  • Wear plates.
  • Bridge plate.
  • Internal juice pipes.
  • Wash nozzles.
  • Vacuum regulating and level control valves.
  • Perforated metal fabrics and gaskets for fixing perforated sheets.
  • Rubber packing for scraper.
  • Parts for repairing drums.