Water Pumps – Floating

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BAS FLOATING PUMPS are ideal for sites where fast operation is required without major construction of civil works, these pumps are available with various power transmission options either by Reducer, Belt or Chain.

They are also powered by electric motors or diesel, their pontoons are made of fiberglass as flotation devices giving lower weight and longer life; The typical discharge is made by a hose of rubber and polyester or by pipe HDPE Semi-rigid (This according to the application).


  • Strong and reliable design for low maintenance.
  • Easy transportation to different pumping sites.
  • Versatility for assembly does not require civil works.
  • Greater tolerance to changes in suction level than other types of pumps.
  • Lower entrainment of solids when pumping.

BAS INGENIERIA SA has advanced Software (CFD, CAD) for the design and simulation of its pumping equipment, which translates into equipment with the highest possible efficiency and reliability.