Tromel Filters

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TROMEL BAS ROTARY FILTERS are high efficiency, low cost solid separation equipments with many different applications in the industry. Among its characteristics are:
  • The sieves of separation can be manufactured with a large number of different meshes according to the requirements of each process.
  • They are of continuous operation and have self-cleaning system for the rotary sieve.
  • They provide a greater capacity than other stationary or vibrating filters.
  • All parts of the filter in contact with the product in process are built in materials selected according to the application.

They are equipment that is used to make a second separation of solids from the brewed juice from the primary filtration of the diluted juice. Its greater percentage of retention is achieved by using a mesh with opening of 0.15 – 0.2 mm. and a special juice feed system under pressure, allowing a better separation of solids and decreasing the size of the equipment compared to a gravity filtration Tromel.


  • They can be installed in any position relative to the primary rotary sieve.
  • Total retention of little chaff approximately 95%.
  • Greater solid retention than a secondary strainer.
  • Minor turbidity of the juice to be processed.
  • Less impurities in the juice before heating, which translates into better color of the finished product.
  • Minimal presence of little chaff in the material to be processed.


  • JOHNSON original meshes in stainless steel with longer life, robustness and materials in contact with the juice and moist parts in stainless steel.
  • Automatic washing system with stainless steel pipe and nozzles.
  • Juice collector with two outlets to avoid overflow and damping of the filtered broth.


Drum: The sieve is generally manufactured with a trapezoidal profile wire in 304 stainless steel, reinforced with wire of a rectangular profile. It has a tubular structure of stainless steel 304 which guarantees the life of the drum.

The filter is supplied with a nozzle system for periodic cleaning of the screen.

Input and output heads: They are generally manufactured in 304 stainless steel sheet and machined steel tracks where the axial and radial rollers on which the drum rotates. These rollers are coated in different materials according to the application.

The transmission: Available with geared motor of parallel axes and final transmission through a chain or geared motor of hollow shaft and cardan.

Chassis: The drum with the sieve and all its accessories are mounted on a solid carbon steel chassis that facilitates its transport and assembly in the workplace.


Tromel rotary filters are widely used for the continuous separation of solids, in a quick way and with a low operation cost. The most common applications of this type of filters are among many others:

  • Separation of solids such as little chaff from mixed juice and clear juice from sugar cane, in sugar mills and panela mills.
  • Separation of solids from grape juice in the winemaking process.
  • Separation of solids from slaughter effluent in the processing of poultry and abattoirs.
  • Lime processing plants, lead extraction and cement processing.
  • Sewage treatment plants.
  • Citrus processing plants.
  • Food processing plants.
  • Separation and classification of solids in the mining industry.
  • Plants producing Vinyl Resins and Cellulose Acetate.